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20 December 2023

The Top 10 Valuize Content Of 2023

by Rida Ahmed Reading time: 6 mins

2023: A Year Of Accelerated Evolution

In 2023, rapid technological innovation and shifting market dynamics have profoundly impacted B2B technology companies. Overall, the industry witnessed transformative trends shaping the way businesses engage and retain their customers in an increasingly capital constrained and fast-paced environment.

Amidst this year of evolution, what was top of mind for B2B recurring revenue leaders in 2023?

We’ve compiled the top 10 most popular customer success content of the year that reflect the key priorities for the industry in 2023 and give us a glimpse into the trends that will be shaping the domain in 2024. From digital customer success to enhancing customer intelligence, here are the year’s most popular pieces of customer success content and thought leadership from the Valuize content library.

1. Webinar: How To Build & Scale A Powerful Digital Customer Success Program

As your organization grows, the need for a robust Digital Customer Success strategy becomes more urgent and the challenges of scaling that digital model become more complex. But, with a strategic blend of people, technology and processes for your Digital Customer Success program, you can create operational efficiencies that elevate your customer experience.

In this webinar, Kari Ardalan, Global Head of Digital and Scale Success, Jennifer Swallow, Senior Technical Content Manager at Splunk, join Cristy Maldonado, Strategic Business Architect at Valuize, as they share their experience building and scaling a powerful Digital Customer Success strategy and how you can leverage your team, tools and processes to build a Digital CS program that sustains growth and accelerates scale.

2. Podcast: Maximizing NDR by Assigning Customer Success with Revenue Accountability

While traditionally, deeply-entrenched silos have excluded Customer Success from the revenue conversation, more and more organizations are seeing the strategic value in assigning CS with some revenue responsibility. Their potential role as a trusted advisor and value consultant as well as their deep knowledge of your customers’ business, puts CSMs in a unique position to maximize retention and expansion.

In this episode of the Customer Valuecast podcast, Allison Tiscornia, CCO at ChurnZero, shares why excluding your CS team from revenue accountability may be hindering your ability to maximize NDR and how you can equip your CS organization with the skills and competencies they need to succeed with this accountability.

3. Article: Maximizing Customer Intelligence: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Team’s Cognitive Load

The road to cutting-edge Customer Intelligence is fraught with challenges, especially for teams that are gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data from across the customer ecosystem. A natural inclination to build volume, not quality, of insights increases your team’s mental effort and cognitive load, resulting in user fatigue, chaotic data and lost revenue.

In this article, we dive into 5 tried-and-tested tips to reduce cognitive load in your organization so that your team can minimize time spent searching through the noise and maximize value realization.

4. Webinar: The Ultimate Webinar On Succeeding With Gainsight CS

For recurring revenue enterprises looking to drive best-in-class Net Dollar Retention (NDR), a customer success platform isn’t merely a nice-to-have, but a core operational capability. As the market leading and most powerful CS technology platform, succeeding with Gainsight CS is the key for any enterprise looking to operationalize a cutting edge customer success strategy.

In this webinar, legendary Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, joins Valuize Founder & CEO, Ross Fulton, to explore what it takes to master the adoption of Gainsight CS and realize unparalleled value from your current and future Gainsight CS investments.

5. Podcast: The Digital Future of Customer Success

As organizations strive to meet the demands of the modern customer and boost operational efficiency, the Customer Success function, roles and responsibilities are becoming increasingly more nuanced. While the existence of digital elements in organizations’ CS strategy is not new, we’re now seeing the emergence of dedicated Digital CS teams with their own roadmaps, strategies, operations and technologies.

In this episode of the Customer Valuecast podcast, Kari Ardalan, Global Head of Digital and Scale Success, shares her experience building a digital CS function and how you can achieve operational efficiency with the power of digital customer success strategies.

6. Podcast: Build a Value-based Customer Engagement Model

HubSpot began their journey with a simple premise; solve for the customer. They expanded this mandate to their cross-functional teams, uniting three teams under Revenue Operations to create a powerhouse strategy and operations function. The result? Higher retention and renewal rates as well as higher gross and net revenue retention driven by customer success.

In this episode of the Customer Valuecast podcast, Jeetu Mahtani, EVP, Customer Success at HubSpot, shares HubSpot’s journey to building a value-focused customer engagement model and how you can do the same in your organization by leveraging the right team, technology and data.

7. Article: Enhance Your Voice Of The Customer Program: 4 Pivotal Ways To Strengthen The Art Of Listening

44% of enterprises use structured Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs to enhance their customer experience and drive innovation. However, creating a VoC program is only the beginning. Leaders must consistently refine their programs to adapt to market changes and evolving customer needs. Failure to implement necessary improvements and innovative solutions may be putting your customer relationships and your ability to maximize customer value at risk.

In this article, we explore 4 expert-backed tactics to transform your VoC program for deeper insights and enhanced customer value realization.

8. Webinar: How to Maximize Customer Value with Digital Onboarding

Fast and efficient time-to-value for users is the sign of a successful customer onboarding strategy. In order to achieve this in your organization, you need to design and operationalize an onboarding strategy with the right mix of human and digital touch.

In this webinar, customer onboarding expert Harris Clarke, Chief Operating Officer at GUIDEcx, joins Tony D’Auria, Industry Principal at Valuize, as they dig into how you can create a digital onboarding process that accelerates product adoption and customer value realization.

9. Podcast: Supercharging NDR with Customer Success Qualified Leads

When operationalized effectively, Customer Success Qualified Leads drive significantly higher conversion rate, deal velocity and contract value when compared to net-new marketing/sales qualified leads. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) hold a wealth of knowledge about your customer’s pains, goals, and overall business needs and act as a true partner, advocate and trusted advisor.

In this episode, Samrat Tandon, Global VP Customer Success at Siemens, shares the incredible value of investing in Customer Success Qualified Leads and how you can create the workflows, incentives and rules of engagement necessary to making this program a success.

10. Article: 5 Steps To Boosting Your Customer Journeys With Cutting-Edge Digital Strategies

Now more than ever, customer delivery strategies need to embrace digital adoption techniques that increase team efficiency and maximize reach for ALL customers. Crucially, these delivery strategies shouldn’t leave some customers out in the rain.

In this article, we examine 5 vital steps to effectively leverage digital strategies to supercharge your customer journey and boost the efficiency of your customer value pipeline for your entire customer base.

Rida Ahmed

Rida is Valuize's Content Specialist. With a multi-channel marketing approach, Rida works to share Valuize's story as well as that of its team, clients and partners.