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Careers At Valuize

Why Valuize?

Grow with our
best-in-class team

At Valuize, we take great pride in our exceptional team of thought leaders, strategic thinkers, and outside-the-box problem solvers. At our core, we value collaboration, diversity and teamwork to accomplish the extraordinary.

Shape the future of customer success

We offer limitless opportunities to make an impact in the workplace. We work with world-leading B2B software teams and technology providers to deliver unrivalled customer success outcomes to the clients, partners, and communities we serve.

Experience a new
way of working

Great talent deserves great pay and perks. Our team enjoys generous compensation, unlimited PTO, flexible work hours, and the option to work from anywhere. (P.S. we’ve been remote since 2017 and have no plans of changing that!).

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Accelerating Customer Centricity In B2B Software: An Interview with Christy Ransom

How are today’s software leaders successfully accelerate customer centricity? To answer this question, we sat down with Christy Ransom, who leads the Customer Success Strategy consulting team at Valuize. On our interview, Christy shares her bold vision for championing a customer-first culture through driving team alignment and optimizing the customer success motion.

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What Our Team Says

Tony D'Auria
Tony D’Auria Customer Success Strategy Consultant

“What I love most about working at Valuize is the collaborative and supportive environment the team has created. Whether we are working together to support our clients, solve a complex problem, or exploring new ways to work, I can always count on the team to roll up their sleeves and dig in. It’s a great space to learn from some of the best minds in the business and see the results in action.”

Mirah Gocher
Mirah Gocher Marketing Manager

“One of my favorite things about working at Valuize is all of the opportunities for personal and professional development. From Day 1, our Leadership team invested in the resources, training, and tools necessary to help me deepen my knowledge and skills. To top it off, Valuize consists of some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. It’s truly an amazing team to be a part of.”

Stephen Keogh
Stephen Keogh Gainsight Consulting Team Lead

“Valuize has helped me grow massively in a short period of time. From Day 1, I was empowered to deliver what I felt was the best for our clients. I’ve been given more opportunities than I ever could have imagined, from working independently with some of the biggest enterprise companies in the world to being offered the chance to lead a team of consultants. The Valuize team is always available to help and support, both if you need help with a client and for your own personal growth and development.”

Staci Heidenson
Staci Heidenson HR & Operations Administrator

“Valuize genuinely cares about every employee and their personal and professional development. The culture and environment is very supportive, constructive and hard-working – everyone cheers on everyone to succeed. The leadership team strongly encourages feedback, and actively listens to, and takes action on our input to make the employee experience the best it can be. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of such an exceptional team of people.”

Romain Belvas
Romain Belvas Customer Success Technology Consultant

“Culture is life at Valuize. Our values have true meaning here, and are directly reflected in the opportunities our team has to contribute to Valuize, impact our clients’ businesses, and dramatically increase our career expertise, growth and potential. What’s more, working as a Valuize consultant is akin to getting an MBA in Customer Success. I love how deeply integrated the Valuize team becomes with our clients – it feels like we become a part of so many of these leading tech companies and have the ability to make a difference.”

Nicolas Siri
Nicolas Siri Customer Success Technology Consultant

“Valuize has given me the opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. From Day 1, I’ve felt supported and listened to by the team and my ideas are actively taken into consideration by Senior Leadership. Everyone at Valuize is willing to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional work and is always willing to help support and uplift others. The culture at Valuize, what can I say? It’s the cherry on top of the ice cream.”

Our Values

Care Through
Radical Candor

We believe in demonstrating we care for each other, our partners and our clients by tackling the important stuff head on with radical candor.

Show Respect Through Transparency

We believe in demonstrating our respect for each other, our partners and our clients by being fully transparent. 

Celebrate & Invite Diversity

We believe that our team’s diverse blend of thought, culture, identity and background is what best connects us as a team and with our partners and clients.

Day 1 Trust

We believe that every team member, partner and client deserves 100% trust on day 1 of their journey with Valuize. 

Ten Times Better

We believe in driving continuous improvement in ourselves, our partners, and our clients through leading with a “ten times better” mindset.

Define The Future

We believe in defining the future by taking an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the way we work. 

We’re Growing! Ready To Join Us?

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Our team is rapidly growing and we’re always on the hunt for great candidates. If you’d like to learn more about Valuize’s customer success consulting and business development careers, please reach out to us at or get in touch here.