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21 December 2022

Our Top 5 Customer Success Blog Posts Of 2022

by Rida Ahmed Reading time: 4 mins
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2022: A Year Of Unpredictable & Accelerated Evolution

2022’s impact on the SaaS industry was significant, deeply impactful, and turbulent. As technology companies adapted to the array of challenges over the past year, many organizations re-examined what customer success means in today’s environment. Faced with a decelerating economy for the foreseeable future, leaders are moving away from the growth-at-all-costs mindset and focusing instead on efficiency.

Amidst this year of transformative change, what was top of mind for B2B technology leaders in 2022? We’ve compiled our top 5 most-read customer success blog posts of the year that reflect the key priorities for the industry in 2022 and give us a glimpse into the trends that will be shaping the domain in 2023. From generating robust Customer Intelligence to reducing churn, here are the year’s most popular pieces of thought leadership from the Valuize content library.

1. Leaders From On Creating Robust Customer Churn Triggers: 4 Places To Spot Early Churn Indicators

In the recurring revenue world, the more your business grows and expands, the more churn you’ll experience. While some churn is expected, it must be kept at a manageable level in order to maintain a healthy customer retention rate. In order to achieve this, you must expand the scope of your data pool and gather data from across your organization to obtain a truly 360 degree view of your customers. In this customer success blog post, leaders from, a leading Customer Intelligence Platform, share 4 often overlooked churn indicators that may be hiding in your customer data to help you overcome data blindspots in your organization.

2. 6 Tips To Creating A Proactive & Actionable Customer Scorecard

B2B technology companies at the top of their game all have one very important thing in common: a thorough data-driven understanding of their customers. While many organizations create and use a customer health scorecard to give them a snapshot of their customers, the most cutting-edge organizations optimize their scorecard to proactively measure a customer’s health. In this customer success blog post, we share 6 tried-and-tested tips to help you optimize your customer health scorecard in order to derive the most valuable Customer Intelligence insights.

3. 3 Expert-Backed Reasons Why Net Dollar Retention Is Your Most Important Customer Lifecycle Metric

Few metrics yield as much insight and impact on a company’s valuation as Net Dollar Retention (NDR). NDR gives a clear picture of how much growth a company is able to generate from existing customers and, by extension, how satisfied those customers are with the value being delivered. In the exploding subscription-based economy, it’s no surprise that SaaS leaders are honing in and focusing on this metric as a key indicator of overall health and valuation. Here, we explore 3 data-driven reasons why Net Dollar Retention must be the north star metric for measuring the impact of your customer lifecycle on your business.

4. 6 Vital Steps To Creating A Revenue-Driving Customer Value Hierarchy

In the subscription economy, prescribing and delivering consistent value throughout the customer journey is a mission critical priority. Unfortunately, the reality in many enterprise organizations is that there is no universally-agreed upon structure for the definition and delivery of customer value. The silos of legacy organizations continue to exist in the modern subscription business, creating friction, miscommunication and misaligned responsibilities between organizations. In this customer success blog post, we share 6 vital steps to creating an effective customer hierarchy that unites your entire organization around the delivery of optimal customer value.

5. 7 Crucial Steps To Creating A Stellar Customer Offboarding Program

Customer churn is an unavoidable reality in today’s competitive subscription economy. While you may not be able to save every customer, you can create a solid customer offboarding process that makes this transition easy, smooth and pleasant for both your customers and your employees. In this article, we examine why making a positive last impression is critical to your long-term business strategy, and outline 7 impactful steps to creating a stellar customer offboarding program that will garner the respect, admiration, and potential future business of your customers.

Are You Ready For 2023?

As we close out another transformative year, one thing is evident; we cannot continue with business as usual. With a looming economic downturn and an ever-changing landscape, we need to transform how we drive value for our customers and our employees in order to survive and thrive in the new era of Customer Success. We hope these customer success blog posts help you chart a path to sustainable growth in 2022 and beyond.

Rida Ahmed

Rida is Valuize's Content Specialist. With a multi-channel marketing approach, Rida works to share Valuize's story as well as that of its team, clients and partners.