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Evolve Your Revenue Ecosystem: A CRO’s Perspective On The Biggest Opportunities For Unparalleled NRR

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Become a recurring revenue powerhouse with a cross-functional approach to customer value delivery

Evolve Your Revenue Ecosystem: A CRO's Perspective On The Biggest Opportunities For Unparalleled NRR

A Cross-Functional Approach To Customer Value Creation

Is your organization driving and retaining maximum value for your customers? While many businesses assume the answer is yes, a growing number of enterprise organizations realize that when it comes to Net Revenue Retention, they may be falling short. To truly enable a seamless customer journey, every cross-functional team must be empowered to optimize their customer engagement and maximize value. Sales must maintain focus on acquiring new customers and Customer Success must focus on value driving activities that ensure adoption of differentiating product features and ongoing relationship management. If you make the mistake of blending these functions together or combining either with renewals, you are putting your ability to maximize revenue at considerable risk.

maximize revenue

On this webinar, you will learn…

  • How to maximize Net Dollar Retention through a cross-functional approach to customer value delivery
  • How to create a compensation structure that incentivizes customer growth through a product differentiation model
  • The importance of outlining clear responsibilities for Sales & Customer Success and the impact of investing in a separate Renewals function

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Hear From Two Revenue Revolutionaries

On this webinar, learn from revenue revolutionaries – Tim Krozek, Chief Revenue Officer at Upwave, and Emily Ryan, Chief Client Officer at Valuize. Together, they discuss the critical role of data that plays when designing and running a revenue organization and how you can galvanize your entire organization to maximize customer value realization across the customer journey.

Tim Krozek, Chief Revenue Officer

Tim brings an extensive history of successfully growing teams and revenue at large companies, including Yahoo!, AOL., and NBC and at startups, such as Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe in 2011), Quova (acquired by Neustar in 2010), and Flite (acquired by Snap in 2016). Tim executes on product-market fit, go-to-market strategies, pricing, operations and fundraising across SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and artificial intelligence and machine learning applications within insurance, reinsurance, and financial services. As CEO of Boost Media, he has experience in building high-growth tech companies – keeping an eye on fixing top and bottom-line performance while adhering to strict cost to revenue metrics. Tim holds an MBA from Cornell University and a BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Emily Ryan, Chief Client Officer

With nearly 15 years’ experience coordinating teams across Sales, Post-Sales and Product/Delivery to ensure successful customer interactions, Emily views enterprise business through a unique and collaborative lens. Her unique expertise applying Customer Success Strategy to effectively establish, analyze and scale great customer-centric teams means her impact is not only to corporate revenue and retention, but to the health and productivity of the teams she empowers.