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5 Ways A Customer Advisory Board Will Increase Customer Retention

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A customer advisory board can help your team build lasting customer relationships that lead to retention, expansion, and advocacy opportunities.

5 Ways A Customer Advisory Board Will Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention starts with building strong relationships

You’re sitting in a beautiful boardroom with the leaders from each of your key strategic customers all ready and willing to share their deepest insights with you on how your software business can make them and customers like them more successful…no, it’s not a dream…it’s a Customer Advisory Board. In the first instalment of the “Retain and Expand Your Customers” webinar series, discover 5 ways that a Customer Advisory Board can enable your B2B software business to increase customer retention.

Watch this webinar for proven strategies on:

  1. Targeting customer outcomes that will drive renewals
  2. Enabling customers to adopt your product more efficiently and effectively
  3. Identifying churn risk before they appear in your renewal cycles 
  4. Building customer advocacy to increase renewal approvals
  5. Keeping your products at the cutting edge of your market

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