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The Ultimate Guide To Defining Customer Value


Unite your organizational ecosystem around a measurable, scalable and universal definition of customer value

The Ultimate Guide To Defining Customer Value

A Revenue-Driven Approach To Delivering Customer Value

Are Your Cross-Functional Teams Truly Aligned On Customer Value?

‘Customer outcomes’ and ‘customer value’ are some of the biggest buzzwords in the Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, and Product ecosystems. While many enterprise organizations are realizing the importance of these powerful principles, few are reaping the full rewards of a clearly-defined and universal definition of optimal customer value.

Ensuring there is a clear, measurable and agreed-upon definition of customer value established in your organization is a key tenet of driving efficient and scalable revenue retention and expansion. Without this comprehensive and ubiquitous customer value foundation, you are putting your ability to drive maximum value realization and, as a result, best-in-class Net Dollar Retention, at extreme risk. By clearly defining customer value in your organization and using it as a steel tread to connect your cross-functional teams, you will create a frictionless customer journey that easily takes your customers from acquisition and adoption to retention and expansion.

Unite Your Organization Around A Universal Definition Of Customer Value

In this eBook, we explore how today’s B2B technology leaders can unite their organization around a clear and universal definition of customer value. With a definition of customer value that is tangible, measurable, verifiable and directly attributable to your product(s), you will accelerate your organization’s ability to drive market-leading revenue retention and expansion.

Ross Fulton
Ross Fulton Founder & CEO

“Customer value is the bedrock of a leading customer lifecycle strategy and must serve as the epicenter of all your customer lifecycle initiatives. By designing clear and universal Value-Based Outcomes, you will create a strong foundation for your customer lifecycle to drive maximum value for your customers and best-in-class Net Dollar Retention for your business.”

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In this eBook, you will learn:

• The essential elements of clearly-defined customer value in leading technology enterprises

• A cutting-edge approach to the scalable prescription, delivery and achievement of optimal customer value through Value-Based Outcomes

• How to design effective and impactful Value-Based Outcomes that unite your organizational ecosystem around a clear and universal definition of customer value