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The Digital Customer Success Maturity Model


Build a strategic roadmap to digital-first Net Dollar Retention

The Digital Customer Success Maturity Model

A Roadmap to Digital First Net-Dollar Retention

Is Your Digital Customer Success Program Driving Scalable Customer Value & NDR?

Navigating the complexities of Digital Customer Success transformation can feel like a Herculean task. Many leaders grapple with articulating their current digital standing and outlining the roadmap for growth, making the uphill battle for buy-in and investment an all-too-familiar struggle.

A Scalable Framework For Growth

Introducing the Digital Customer Success Maturity Model from Valuize, a comprehensive framework for leaders to assess and advance their digital-first strategy for driving efficient and scalable Net Dollar Retention across five levels of maturity and six critical dimensions of success.

Ross Fulton
Ross Fulton Founder & CEO

“The Digital CS Maturity Model is a strategic tool, serving as a guide for leaders to drive digital-first efficiency, effectiveness and profitability discussions across functions. The Valuize model is not a theoretical construct; it’s a practical tool that helps pinpoint specific considerations crucial for formulating the roadmap to achieve revenue acceleration through programmatic scale. Leveraging these insights, leaders will be better equipped to garner the collaborative buy-in and investments they need to drive digital-first NDR. “

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In this model, you will learn:

• A detailed breakdown of The Digital Customer Success Maturity Model and and how to progress in order to drive efficient and scalable Net Dollar Retention

• The five levels of the Digital CS Model; Manual Ad Hoc, Repeatable, Aligned, Strategic, and Revenue Acceleration

• The six dimensions of the Digital CS Model; People, Performance Measurement, Process and Lifecycle Design, Systems and Tools, Data and Insights, and Go-To-Market (GTM) Interlocks