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Case Study

Datto Reimagines Customer Success With Valuize

When Datto and Autotask merged, automation was low for their Customer Success team while manual administrative work was high. Due to the doubling in size of the Customer Success team, inconsistent processes were also a challenge. To accelerate its rapid growth, Datto focused on building a unified Customer Success function. Alana D’Angelica chose Valuize to lead the implementation of its Customer Success strategy and operations in Gainsight.

Alana D'Angelica
Alana D’Angelica Head of Global Success Transformation & Operations, Datto

“I’m so impressed by every single person I interacted with at Valuize, from the team members all the way up to the executives. They’re a solid team that delivers amazing client service.”

Download the case study to discover how Datto transformed its sales support into a true customer success function with Valuize.

Download the Case Study