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Customer Success Data + Technology

Drive Customer Value Smarter and Faster

Accelerate the impact, efficiency and scale of your customer success strategy with the right blend of customer success data + technology.

Customer Success Data + Technology

Customer Success Operations Roadmap

Valuize’s Customer Success Operations Roadmap provides a blueprint to operationalize your customer success strategy for maximum  impact, efficiency, and scale. Our specialized customer success technology and operations consultants deliver technical recommendations, along with a multi-phased strategic roadmap that provides the guidance, capability requirements, and critical success factors you need to create a robust customer success operation.

Customer Success Automation Roadmap

Valuize’s Customer Success Automation Roadmap evaluates and prioritizes the technology and data required to enable the automation of your customer success processes and playbooks. With guidance from our consulting team, your team will be empowered with a series of strategic recommendations and a multi-phased roadmap that provides guidance, capability requirements, and critical success factors you need to drive automated customer success engagement with your customers.

Gainsight Implementation Services

Valuize’s Gainsight Implementation Services accelerates time-to-value for your Gainsight investment by getting the implementation right the first time. Using the Valuize Gainsight Agile Model, our expert Gainsight consultants will build out your Gainsight deployment, starting with the customer data foundation. Then, our team will operationalize your high priority customer success processes and insights to ensure seamless implementation. With Valuize, your Gainsight launch becomes an instant success that drives long-term ROI.

Gainsight Adoption Assessment

Valuize’s Gainsight Adoption Assessment focuses on optimizing your existing Gainsight implementation. Using a combined approach of interviews, roadmapping, and health checks, our Gainsight experts and transformation architects will analyze and evaluate your current Gainsight implementation and configuration. This assessment focuses on simplifying processes and enabling your Gainsight users to adopt the platform. With this approach, your organization will be empowered to achieve your strategic goals and ensure maximum value is realized from your Gainsight investment.

Gainsight Day 2 Operations

Valuize offers Gainsight Day 2 Operations, a consulting engagement that provides Gainsight application administration and management immediately following a successful go-live of your Gainsight investment. With this engagement, Valuize will help you stabilize the solution, implement minor refinements, drive user adoption, enhance the end user experience, and hand over the operations either to your Gainsight administration team or Valuize’s Gainsight Managed Services team.

Gainsight Managed Service

Valuize’s Gainsight Managed Service (GMS) provides Gainsight administration and support for your specific configurations and integrations, as well as the day-to-day operational management of your Gainsight instance(s). Using the Valuize Agile Gainsight Model, a team ofGainsight experts will be provided by Valuize, whose primary goal will be to provide you with a clean, stable and optimized Gainsight environment. This will allow you to free up your own skilled resources to focus on optimizing your customer success strategy and operations.