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Customer Success Team Design

Build A Customer-Obsessed Company

Integrate, balance, and unite the teams that are the engine behind acquiring, retaining and expanding your customers.

Customer Success Team Design

Customer Success Team Design

Valuize’s Customer Success Team Design service provides cutting-edge expertise in customer success role design, incentivization model design, and team enablement.  Empowered by a foundation of deep customer success strategy experience, our consultants will review all your current customer-facing teams and create the optimum combination  of customer success, professional services, support and account management roles that you need to build a market-leading Customer Success organization.

Sales + Customer Success Integration

Valuize’s Sales + Customer Success Team Integration service ensures that your Sales and Customer Success organizations are perfectly aligned to guarantee a seamless pre-to-post sales transition. With years of  experience in both Sales and Customer Success roles, our consultants align the processes, role definitions, RACIs and incentivization models currently in place for your  pre- and post- sales teams. By removing the gaps and blockers between your Sales and Customer Success teams, your organization will pave a seamless customer journey that will help your customers achieve more value quicker.

Customer Leadership Coaching

Valuize’s Customer Success Leadership service coaches your customer success leaders to drive continuous innovation and improved results for your business. Valuize partners with your company’s executives to share insights and advice from our combined decades of experience in building and scaling successful customer success organizations.  Driven by the business priorities and goals of your organization, Valuize creates a custom coaching program that is designed and delivered at a pace that aligns with your leadership needs.